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Me So Grey


*WAVES* Hey all!

Got some newness!

The new mesh “Tapika” dress comes in a handful of colors and sizes from 

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See Things My Way

 Howdy all!

Taking some time to show off some new and/or recent releases!

I’ll begin with the new “Buenos Aires” heels from

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 Hey all! Just doing a quicky!

The new “Cheeky” panties come in 28 different colors/textures for *Mon Cherie*’s gatcha!

The one’s on the last row are RARE!

These are transferable and can be resold or passed to friends.

Also, if you’re feeling creative, you can re-texture them as you like. 

Play the Gatcha @ *Mon Cherie*

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Ounce of Leopard

 I’ve got another quicky for y’all!

I’m showing some recently releases!

I’ll begin now!


Firstly, the bomb ass “Ounce” top from  


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Risky Greyscale

 Hi all, I’m glad to be back, and I’m working hard to get these recent releases out there for you all!

I’m showing the new “HUGE COLLAR” coat by


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Cream Beat

 Hi all!

I’m showing some recent releases and of course, playing catch up!

I’m showing the cool new mesh “Biker” jacket by

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(ePunk) Boots

 Soooo, I’ve been gone awhile.

Sometimes, when I take such a break, it’s hard to get started again.

 I think of all the time I have to invest in blogging and it gets discouraging.

 I love blogging, but sometimes, it feels like a job.

 But I decided I owe the sponsors the same faith they shown me, so here I am, back at it!


Basically, you’ve all seen this but, see it again, in case you forgot!

The “(ePunk)” boots from

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