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I’m Torn


 Greetings SLings. I’m showing a couple of the MANY  new spring releases from 



I’m wearing the “Carolina” pants and “Herrera” blouse which comes with optional belt and in curvy sizes for women, also in other colors, too.

To the right is the “Gouchos” widelegs with color matching “Tank” but you can mix and match how ever you see fit. I’m just not creative. 

Again this is just a tid bit of all the new works from House of {TORN}, so stay on the look – out!

Shape “Grudge” is now in the .:pink insidious:. mainstore or marketplace!

See you shoppers later!

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Pink Bishes


 Hi ladies. Sorry I am getting to this late. I basically left SL for a week. I’d still be gone if my inventory wasn’t getting out of control. 

Anyway, the Boobies Show is well underway and one of the designers contributing to the event is 


Bishes Inc. with the “Corset Dress” which comes with a prim flap (not my fav thing in the world), appliers for your breasts and several colors to choose from. 


Stop by the Bishes Inc. shop when visiting The Boobies Show Part 871,262!!

Also worn is the new “Cross Wings” by ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. which is re-sizable and unisex.

Lastly, the new modifiable “Grudge” shape by .:pink – insidious:. is now in the main-store and marketplace!

Happy shopping everyone!



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 Hello, I am a little late with my post as I haven’t been online in over a week. So look forward to all LATE posts from Haus of Fashion.


Anyway, the Boobies Show has began (at least I think) and one of the participants is 


* Mon Cheri * with the “Maxi” long dress which is HUD manipulated. See HUD below: 


Which means there are many different textures to pick from, and it’s very spring/summery so just in time!

Check “Maxi” out at the Boobies Show!


shape: .:pink – insidious:. – “Grudge” shape [Marketplace]

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 This photo has just been sitting in my hard drive for weeks now. So sorry, Gwen! I haven’t made a blog in over a week! I am coming back with the two piece “Maui Kini” by


Gwen Carillon Designs. This piece comes with appliers for your bust, and textures on all layers. 


Just in time for summer!

Visit the Gwen Carillon Designs store to check it out!


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Smear Campaign

Well, normally I’m here to bring you fashion but today, I’m using my blog for spiteful purposes and hate me or love me, IDGAF.

I’m so vindictive, I’ve gone to church and prayed for a change of heart but it looks like the good Lord shot that down. So here I go!


Pimpin8ez Kidd

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Bad Unicorn

 Hey readers. Thankfully I made a lot of blogs in advanced so I could keep them in queue and post them daily. Otherwise my blog would have been stale for a week. I haven’t blogged in … maybe … a week and a half? I lost my reason to bother logging into SL so I just … stopped. But it’s not cool to leave creators hanging so I am going to do what I can because it’s only right.


One creator who I’ve been unfair to and who I appreciate their patience is 


Bad Unicorn Clothing with the “Baggy Pants“, “Body Warmer“, “Plaid Shirt“, and men’s “Skinny Jeans” which are all mesh, all standard sizing and pretty casual when you’re just chilling 😀 


Check them out on the Marketplace, too!



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 Hi everyone! I am happy to be apart of a newly released “Love Scene” HUD by Digital Dream!

There are many HUDs available in the DD Mainstore, but this particular HUD comes with:

Tons of Cuddle Scenes which come with rezzables (like the chair above) to give your loved on a nice massage after a long day at the office!

There is even options for tall or short avatars which is a big deal since I am a midget 



Things might start to get a little steamy after so many intimate cuddle options, so as you discover all 690 High Quality animations, you might find yourself losing some clothing and maybe even on the floor 😀 

And then of course after you just can’t stand it anymore, you can press “PLAY” for any of the Love Scene sequences which are:

Slave, Group, Love, and Orgy.

Orgy can hold up to 15 people by the way!

So lay back and let Digital Dream’s Love Scenes HUD do the hard work for you and let your imagination have all the fun 😀

Jorden’s Clothes: SS Spearsong

Prin’s top: .:AVALE:. “Jersey

Prin’s Bodysuit: ~Sassy!~ “Lace V-Neck Bodysuit

Shape: .:pink – insidious:. “Grudge” 



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