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 Doing some blogging instead of homework. I’m the worst student.

I’m also kind of annoyed because I’m usually a loner, that’s how I’ve been all my life, and that is no different in SL. The minute I let someone in, they remind me why I never do. So a little distraction is nice. 


This distraction, brought to me by 


PiNK CHERRY by BeautyCode. I’m wearing the “Tunic” dress in pink, but there are also like 4 other colors, PLUS a black belt AND floral stockings (neither shown) included with each dress. 

These are at the PiNK CHERRY Mainstore.

The Fake Baked Turkey Hunt @ Jersey Shore is still around and one of the participants .:: Bens Beauty ::. , has released the “Black Always” earrings for a whopping 10$L. Can’t beat that. 

Check out the fashions above by clicking on the SLURLs within the post.

Take care for now!

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 I’m a fairy … a fairy of DEATH! One bite of me, and you’re no more! Oooh, maybe now the people who keep kicking me out of their forests for being scantily dressed will now fear me!

Or not.

But this sexy outfit is named after a poisonous plant which produces poisonous berries named Atropa Belladonna which causes death … or if used properly, can be medicinal.

So here we have “Belladonna” by


Gwen Carillon Designs. This sexy and flitting ensemble comes with: Wings, Train Skirt, Tulle Skirt (not shown), Panties, Fishnets, Eye Tattoo, Earrings, Bustier, and Gloves (not shown) so you get a lot of pieces to match as you see fit.


Halloween is coming up and this also makes a great costume so visit the Elements of Design SIM and get your own “Belladonna” 😀



Shape: .:pink – insidious:.

Necklace: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. 

Gloves: [GLUE INK]

Rings: {me.}

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 Get The Look:



[MC] Bevlin Skin and Bonus Shape [NEW]

.:pink – insidious:. – Devious shape [Marketplace]



(r)M ~ Hair No.20 [NEW]

..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Antique Cross Necklace [NEW]

Kapone Mesh Bag unisex [NEW]  

[EY:NO] Mess Bangles

*ShadZ* Hi Haters – Classic

:Hebenon Vial: Anonymous [NEW]



TCHIKY – baggy shorts [NEW]

TCHIKY – Female-Rolled-shirt [NEW]

[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves Fat Pack

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Urban Gurl

 Yay, it’s the weekend. Unfortunately I am sick, so I am fighting to ENJOY my weekend!

Well surely these new releases have helped! 


I’ll start off with the new “Girly” leather jacket by


.::PiNK CHERRY::. which is available in several other colors and comes with standard sizing. You’ll find these jackets at the Mainstore!


Also, subtle but impacting, a new name for me, [Bamboo] has released the “Nails – Tuxedo” in a Tuxedo style. The HUD is FABULOUS and you only need one set of nails as the HUD resizes them for you, along with color changing. You can change each individual nail as well. See HUD below:




Just SUPER. I look forward to more creations by [Bamboo]


So check out the newness by hitting the SLURLs below!



Shoes: (r)M~Shoe “Riven Boot”~

Necklace: GCD – Fire Starter

Shades: [Amarelo Manga] – Sunglasses Avenue

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Li’l Rosebud

 Oooh more sexy times 🙂

Nothing like dressing down when I get home from a long day at school or work!

Good thing I have on a cute two piece lingerie set in case … someone photographs me! Can never be too prepared! Well, this was made possible by my “Li’l Rosebud” Bra & Panties set by 


Gwen Carillon Designs! This lovely set has subtle little rosebuds printed all over on the regular or sheer version which are available in all layers, including tattoo layers. 


You’ll find this and many other great designs at the 


Accessories: ..:: BenS Beauty ::..


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Nora – The Undead

Yes creators are doing their best to get all their Halloween skins on the market before Hallow’s Eve in just a few days!

Well, if you’re *Still* searching for that perfect skin to go with the skimpy vampiric outfit you picked up, look no further!

Based on the series True Blood, we have “Nora” Vampire skin in the Undead tone from 





 There are 9 different make ups to choose from, also a hair base and two cleavage options. 

Included in the “Nora” pack are three tattoo layers to add “realism” to your vampric image. 

Make sure you stop by Akeruka to check out “Nora” and if you’re male, there is a “Godric” skin as well!


Akeruka – Italian Creations


Boots: -SKIFIJA- 

Clothing: >>ROOTS<<




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Boobies Over – Load


 Wow, my first post wearing prim breasts! And SO much editing for these things. Colorizing, then smudging out the color differences. Yup, I only put that effort in to show you the cute new shirts by



Becks of Glue Ink. I DID IT FOR YOU BECKS!


Anyway, as you all know, The Boobies Show is having a Round Two and Glue Ink is participating with her “Maelynda“, “Reooow” and “Sailor” shirts, all compatible with several prim breasts on the market.

So here is the SLURL so you can partake in the Boobies Show Round Two!


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