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I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

 I have this rainbow thing going on.

Don’t mind me.

Anyway, got some MORE new and COOL gear.

Our local glasses maker has released some new cool, hip, funky and fresh ShadZ for everyone!

Now there is an Aviator style! 

Check these out and collect some cool points by rocking a pair of ShadZ by visiting the MAINSTORE!

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Rainbow Cake

 Hi again.

Got some goodies.

And they’re colorful … ooooooh.

Well, I will start with the new “Bubble Gum OutFit” by 



Barbie Bitch which come in all colors shown and is mesh.


Available at the << Barbie Bitch >> Mainstore!

Also, I showed the short version earlier, this is the longer “Two Shorts Jeans” by Cake! Check out the [[>CaKe!<]] Mainstore now!

Lastly, I am wearing the headband color changing hairstyle called “PeggySue” by Tameless Hair which can be found at the Hair Fair 2012 Event which ends soon so don’t miss out!

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Hope for Emilia #6

 Oh hai!

I’m doing one more run for the Hope for Emilia Event which just started and ends on August 9th!

(and more about the disaster HERE)

Go and support the charity and while you’re there, stop by Lily Bird’s store/booth and check out her wares!

I’m wearing the “Cloe’ – Mesh Boobtube/Sash” and this can be found at the Hope For Emilia event! Many of Lily Bird’s designs are/will be 100% contributed toward the event. 

Go check it out!

Also worn are new shorts from [[>CaKe!<]] and they’re called “Two Shorts Jeans” and come in two different lengths. 

You’ll find these at the [[>CaKe!<]] Mainstore!

Happy shopping everyone!

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Sadly I admit I didn’t even know there was such thing as a Vanity Fair starting tomorrow, but there is no better way than to find out when so many nice things are being created because of it.


I am showing off some of the latest goods from Lany of 

*Step Inside* and this is her newest skin release called “Bella” which comes in 3 tones and is available for only THREE more days and is only $99L!


Now for the Vanity Fair, *Step Inside* has released, for $50L apiece, the Vanity Specials which are EXCLUSIVE to the event. The lipstick and eye paint are separates, but I photographed them together. 

Photo of separates are below.

 Make sure to check out the Vanity Fair starting July 28 – August 11!!

See you there!



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Ojos de Scarlet


I mentioned in my last post (here) that I would also be showing the eyes that go with the newly released skin for Vanity fair by JeSyLiLo, “Scarlett

Well these are the “Scarlett” eyes which comes in six stunning colors.


You can find these lovely eyes by visiting the VANITY FAIR Event starting July 28th

by taking the SLURL below.


JeSyLiLo for Vanity Fair!



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Scarlett O’Hare


 Salutations and all that. 

I’m doing a skin review … obviously, for the event Vanity Fair.

This colorful skin is from 



Lilo Glom of JeSyLiLo and it’s named “Scarlett

It comes in darker tones, but I am wearing the lightest.

There are SEVERAL make-up options as seen below on tattoo layers.


And there are even eyes available which will be blogged next.

You can find this lovely skin by visiting the VANITY FAIR starting July 28th

by taking the SLURL below.


JeSyLiLo for Vanity Fair!


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Okay, this might be my last for the day. 

Harry Potter 3 is itching to be read on my Kindle.


I’m wearing 2 of 5 colors available of the “My Sweet Night” by




It’s mesh of course with a lovely textured band around the middle.

You can check them out by visiting the 

*BeReckless* Mainstore!



Poses: PrincessMode @ Pink Insidious – Malevolent Poses [NEW @ .:: Designer Circle #33 ::.]

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