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River Walk


Before I begin, I want to thank Maya Southmoor for helping me with my Malware issue I posted about. Out of the almost 100 people who VIEWED that post, only she wrote with suggestions to help me.

Like, come one guys. I know the most people who read these things are bloggers themselves. Are we that catty where we say “screw her” and go about your merry way? I make a point to speak when I run into a blogger in world, and leave comments to pages when I like something, or don’t, or to send congratulations on a new job, or finals or whatever. We’re not competing here. 90% of us all blog for the same designers anyway. Help one another. Jeez.


Now that I am done expressing disgust by the world of blogger women, I can move on to yet ANOTHER set (#4) of the “Girly Girl” jeans by 


HolliPocket. These come in shades of very light blue for GFW. 


Check them out at the Main Store

And I just noticed, GASP, I’m not wearing a single mesh item. Shame on me!

Well there’s a first time for everything!

Ta ta for now!

Get the Look:


.:pink – insidious:. – Sneaky shape [Marketplace]

*REDGRAVE* Eyes + Eyelashes -Goldsparkle-

*VERSHE* EyeCare: Coal Liner


fri. – Deena – 24.7 Pack

[Hush] BONUS Lush Lashes

Textures Change Bangle3 Silver -RYCA-

Mstyle Long Nails v2 – Walk, Don’t Walk


*HolliPocket* Girly Girl Jeans-Set 4 – GFW

*Tentacio* Animal vest white

N-core PRELUDE XtremeHeel “GroupGift” 


PrincessMode Insidious Poses for  .:: Designer Circle ::. 

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Eye of the Tiger


FML, it’s been one HELL of a stressful two days. I couldn’t bother myself to blog.

1st – my brother and his girlfriend thought it was okay to not work and stay stoned all day and resulted in BOTH their vehicles being repossessed. 

So the burden of my playing Taxi in my own car has fallen on me. 

My boyfriend is leaving to go back home to go to school so we’ll be separated indefinitely, and a friend who has lost his mind keeps harassing me via text and I want to find him and make him bite a curb.

Yes, stressful.

They say exercise and jogging can help with stress and anger. 

So I have on my jogging suit. 


I want to apologize to the creator of these mesh pants because I did contrast so damn much, I completely bled out the design in these sweats from 


 Crash Republic called “Baggy Sweats” which are located at the Jersey Shore location for Grenade Free Wednesdays.


There are sporty lines running down the right leg. 

My head is so far up my ass, I didn’t even notice until the photo was complete. 

Here is a raw photo of how the sweats SHOULD look. 



I’ll be more conscious about dumb ass mistakes like that.

Okay, I am going to go punch a wall.

Take care, readers.

Get the look:


.:pink – insidious:. – Sneaky shape [Marketplace]

Mayfly – Group Gift (Liquid Light Eyes – Deep Forest)

*VERSHE* EyeCare: Coal Liner
Mole Pack V2 Tattoo Layers – Mynerva


Synthetique Ultimate French Series -Complete-

[e] About – Essentials Collection


[Crash Republic] Baggy Sweats [NEW for GFW]

DeeTaleZ Lingerie tank trans

~*ZHAO*~ Mens and Womens Sk8Sneak – Aces High


Princess Mode @ Pink Insidious – Sneaky Pose [NEW]


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I Sneak Around



 PrincessMode @ Pink Insidious’s newest pose set “Sneaky” is here! 

Demo them in-store,

or check them out on Marketplace.

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Taste the Rainbow


Howdy y’all.

I’m doing what I do and that’s showing you new stuff!

We will start off with the store that almost left us!!!


Luckily Isabelle Requiem had a change of heart (I’d’ve been devestated) and kept working on her store 


Crash Republic and has released a nice summery set in many different colors named “Dipped Tube” and “Ombre” skirts and if youre creative unlike me, you might try to mix and match them!

BenS Beauty has also released the pixel mosaic looking earrings called “Tanyeli” which are available at the Mainstore!

Lastly, for the upcoming GFW, we have the newest face from Step Inside and her name is “MALIKA“. My favorite part about this skin are the lips. They’re realistic!

Mucho goodies, make these SLURLs useful and hit ’em!

[Accessories from: Maxi Gossamer]



[Thank you to the supporters for their generosity!]

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Poker Face



G’ day all. 

Just getting some blogging in real fast.

I spent the whole day back n forth from the hospital so it’s been no time whatsoever for posts.

I found a few seconds, yay me.

So lets get on with it.


I know it’s officially Monday, but I couldn’t resist showing these “Girly Girl” Jeans from 


HolliPocket for the event GSP.

There are three colors to choose from!

Hit the SLURL above.

Also, Nina from Flirt has released these unique tattoo eye liners called “Mythic Tears” which I called Poker Face because they come in Hearts, Diamonds and Stars. 

No Stars aren’t on a deck of cards but so the eff what, Poker Face sounds AWESOME. 

You can check these babies out for a lazy low price at the FLIRT MAINSTORE



  Have a wonderful week and see you soon!

Shape.:pink – insidious:. 




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Hello shopping fiends.

I hope all is well with everyone.

Today has been a long day and it’s not even over with yet, sigh.

So I’ll show my piece and continue with my day!

Of course, I am draped in some new gear so let’s break it down.


I’m showing one of several cute, print tops from


BeReckless called “Simple Mesh Grey” top and this particular tee is named “Spider Man


Loving the creativity, just remember designers, LINE YOUR MESH!! 

The sagging, plaid pants from Tentacio I enjoyed, but I had to wear a medium because the small couldn’t have fit anyone! I’m not supposed to feel fat in SL, sniffle. That’s only RL stuff, hehe.

These cute pants come in blue and black, also.

Alright friends, that is all for now.

 Take care for now.

Get the Look:


[Hush] Juliette Skin

.:pink – insidious:. “Devilish” shape  

Mayfly – Group Gift (Liquid Light Eyes – Deep Forest)

-FD- Flowers Tattoo

*VERSHE* EyeCare: Coal Liner


[LeLutka]-CHERYL hair

<-Puncture-> Anti-Eyebrow (Studs) Basics

MG – Rings – Roho – Gold-Silver


Synthetique Colour Tactics Series -Reds



*BeReckless* Simple Mesh Grey Top FAT PACK

*Tentacio* Tartan pants

NYU – Debut, Chic Fedora Hats, Reds

C.Smit – Satin Gloves No. 1 

Armidi – Sasche Flats


PrincessMode @ Pink Insidious – Devilish Poses [Coming Soon]




[Thanks to the designers for the continued support! <3]

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Leopard Overload


Rawr and stuff.

Good evening. 

I tore myself away from other things to get this blog out.


I’m excited about a new skin release from


Hush Skins. This beauty is named “Juliette” and of course, as usual, comes with the six stunning tones and cleavage options!

I’m showing an extra color of the “Bandage” top by Useful Things, in all of it’s animal print glory, with the addition of my “Leopard” ShadZ, I could blend in with real leopards! 

Just joking, hehe.

Okay gang, you know what to do!

Get the look:


[Hush] Juliette Skin

.:pink – insidious:. “Devilish” shape for .:: Designer Circle ::. [NEW]

Mayfly – Group Gift (Liquid Light Eyes – Deep Forest) 



[…[D&B]…] Leopard

2.0 – Cat Eye



ShadZ – Leopard – Classic 



: Amorous : Antiquarian Caramel

[PERPETUUM] Leopard  set

Synthetique Colour Tactics – Gunmetals 














PARADISIS Suede Skirt : Leopard 

.:Useful Things:. Bandage Top Mesh Fatpack 



N-core *Group Gift* Coquette Platform “Wild Edition” 



[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves Fat Pack 


PrincessMode @ Pink Insidious [Coming Soon]



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