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 Man, I am a woman at WORK. It’s 9am, and I still haven’t gone to bed yet. I have so many goodies to put out and just not enough time in the day!

Let’s begin!

I can absolutely, genuinely say this is my favorite release from


BenS Beauty. Snow Martiel just released these “Gasp” earrings and they’re high quality, richly textured and the colors are vibrant. I hope she keeps putting out this kind of quality work. I love it. 


The new “London Rain” hair is from Exile. I was at the mainstore this morning, cursing Kavar Cleanslate’s name because I picked up all THREE of his releases. Damn you, Kavar and your awesome shit!

And finally, I have a cute little “Xenia” half top (which actually comes in a full style, too) from Seven. It’s fun and will work with anything you have in your inventory! Check Seven out!

And don’t forget to –

Get the look:

Shape:  Shape: .:pink – insidious:. – Insidious shape [NEW @ .:: Designer Circle ::.]

Hair: ::Exile:: London Rain [NEW]

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Twilight Steel) [NEW]

Accessories: ..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Gasp Earring Fatpack [NEW]

Shirt: SEVEN – XENIA white [NEW]


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Urban Boo Thangz

 You’re beautiful and I’m handsome, That’ll be good for the babies.  I know we aint got no strings attached,  But this could be a perfect match!

I usually think lyrics in a blog post are about the damn dumbest thing I’ve ever seen, but I’m allowed to do it ONCE. If I do it more than once, call me out on how whack I am. 

Anyway, this post was fun, I turned up the ruffian with my Boo Thang, Jorden Lyric. 

Me and Jorden’s fine self are going to Urbanize you.

Let’s get it on.

I’m showing off some new gear by some promising and upcoming creatorz. I’ll start off with 


Kapone.  Saggy jeans aren’t my thing. But, these “Shorty” jeans fit surprisingly well. They’re also unisex!

My Boo Thang, Jorden is wearing the “Superman” sweater which is ONE of about 5 different stylez, and comes with an optional bandanna. 

My sweater is from .:SS:. and no I don’t know what the abbreviation meanz. 

This “” sweater comes in about 5 different styles as well, but I dig plaid.

So if you’re looking to match with your own boo, or just get a little punk, Kapone and .:SS:. are great placez to check out and clothez start out at $50L!

Get the Look:


Jorden Lyric



*BIRTH* Thor Skin (darktone) – Jawline

.:pink – insidious:. – Slick shape [Available On Request]

KUTZ Wave 10 (HAIR)

::VMC:: DragonTattoo



 K_gs Aquila – Kumaki – Sunglasses – Glasses – Goggles





Kapone shirt sweater superman [NEW]

 Kapone – shorty jeans dark unisex [NEW]

:GB:: Leather Bootie Black



 Princess Usbourne


.:pink – insidious:. – Wicked shape [NEW] [Marketplace]

Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Twilight Steel) [NEW]

[GLUE INK] ~*Shaved Hair Pushing Up Daisy’s*~


.:: BeautyCode ::. TearDrop Earrings – White Glitter [NEW]

ShadZ – I’M HOT – Classic [NEW]

Synthetique Colour Tactics-Gunmetals [NEW]

Textures Change Bangle3 Silver-RYCA


Kapone – shorty jeans dark unisex [NEW]


Armidi LTD – Skull S001 Shoe (ALL COLORS)

[GLUE INK] Ree Gloves Fat Pack




[Thank you to the creators for their support]

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 Salaam everyone. That is a greeting in Arabic, per Flickr. 

I’m showing off some very frilly bottoms and an intricately woven (drawn) blouse with rich colors from 

.:EMO-tions:.!! This outfit is named “Mimi” and leaves everything to the imagination! Perfect for RP, I think. I’m not great with times and locations but I’d say maybe Renaissance? The hair “Daphne” piled on top of my hair is just perfect with the little gems weaved throughout. 

This outfit and a free group gift will be available in the .:EMO-tions:. mainstore on Saturday, June 2, 2012, so mark your calendar boys n girls!


Shoes[e] Move Pumps – All



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Ooh, hellfire and brimstone!

My little devil ears are so suitable! 

I’m a sexy little devil thanks to 

Seven! My ALT has some CUTE things from that store, I will show some soon! This particular outfit is called “Sasha” and can be found at their main store.

And more Phunk Da Phresh coming your way! I’m wearing the “Orb Reaper Gothic” heels from Demented DreamWorx which are probably the only ones of their kind. I’ve never seen anything like it. Very original and unique. 

Okay, I’m going to go be evil in my little outfit!

Get the Look:


.:pink – insidious:. – Wicked shape [NEW]

Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Amber Pitch) [NEW]

Letis Tattoo :: Carpe Diem (sleeves) :: H918

.::Vassnia::. Thalia – Largest Lip Collection  MEGAPACK


[LeLutka]-ATHENA hair [NEW]

..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Elegance Ring & Earring Fatpack [NEW]

Synthetique Colour Tactics-Gunmetals [NEW]



*D* Orb Reaper Gothic Heels V2 [NEW]





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Newness over-load!

I am officially broke as heck! I spent everything today on these new goodies but I couldn’t resist!

So let’s begin.

Being the hair whore that I am, I immediately TPed to 


LeLutka upon receiving the notice that new styles were available to we weak people to pour our Lindens out of our pockets. 

I’m donning “Athena” the god of War? I don’t keep up with that mythology! 

Also, Baiastice always bring their A game, and released a couple new fashions. This one is a two piece/separates. 

I’m wearing “Greek” and “Sunah” and they’re very lovely. 

Lastly, SLink has provided we barefoot people new “Ilena” sandals to add to out Mesh feet by SLink

I was JUST in the market for some. Way to heed my call, Siddean!

Get the Look:


.:pink – insidious:. – Wicked shape [NEW] [Marketplace]

Mayfly – Liquid Light Eyes (Hazy Rainshower) [NEW]

2.0 Make-Up Tattoo Glow Brown


[LeLutka]-ATHENA hair [NEW]

..:: BenS Beauty ::.. Heart Set [NEW]

Synthetique Colour Tactics-Gunmetals [NEW]

MONS / Big  Bangle


Baiastice_Greek Mesh Shirt [NEW]

Baiastice_Sunah Mesh maxi skirt [NEW]

Slink Ilena Sandals Taupe [NEW]


PrincessMode @ Pink Insidious


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I just wanted to do something different than the same standing up against a white wall that I always do. So I’m sitting on my ass 😀

This post is just a nice, relaxed and casual post. I’m just showing off a mixture of coolness that has come my way.


Sponge Bob Square Pants! Ha! I don’t care for the fellow and his nails-down-a-chalk-board laugh, but I totes dig these awesome shades by


ShadZ! Many Spongy styles to choose from! 

Also, more goodies for the Phunk Da Phresh event, my racer tank, a simple top by [trs] to throw on when TPing to LeLutka today for their new hair release today would be the “Epic” tank which goes with just anything. 

Another quick change piece would be the “Denim” which are from FireBird Designs. I like these because they’re wide leg.

Phunk Da Phresh. That’s where it’s happening, y’all.

Get the Look:


.:pink – insidious:. – Wicked shape [NEW] [Marketplace]

[GLUE INK] ~*Shaved Hair Pushing Up Daisy’s*~


ShadZ – Bob OMG – Classic [NEW]

[HANDverk] Wassily Jewelry Set [NEW]

Synthetique Colour Tactics-Gunmetals [NEW]

Maxi Gossamer – Boho Bangles – Laquered Etched Silver


[trs] ‘Epic’ Racer Tank [NEW]

FBD Denim mesh pants [NEW]

N-core COQUETTE Spikes “Fatpack 24 Colors”


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Romp Around


Yay, goodies from my favorite store evar!

My favorite colors too, pewter!

One of THREE new releases from 

coldLogic, we have our “Rae” which is a little romper, so says coldLogic, I dunno. I just know it’s too cute!

Not that the feeds won’t be littered with these outfits, and not that I need to add a TP, but heck, I might as well!


Shape.:pink – insidious:.

Eyes: Mayfly

Hair: [LeLutka]

Accessories: Maxi Gossamer

Shoes: [PM] Pixel Mode



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